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Sex Fitball Workout

Starring: Violette Pure

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RealJamVR Published on Sep 23, 2023
Hot blonde Violette Pure came downstairs in a sports bra and some tight shorts to do her morning workout with her exercise ball. She started with some simple, basic stretching as she sat on the ball and arched her back then she pulled off her bra and ran her hands all over her body, teasing her nipples, and playing with her small, perky tits. While making some hot eye contact, she stepped out of her shorts then sat back down on the ball with her legs spread wide. With one hand, she played with a nipple while using the other hand to rub her smooth, shaved pussy. The workout room was filled with moans as she rubbed faster and faster. She wanted a different feel so she got on her knees on the floor and leaned against the ball as she rubbed her pussy from behind. After her first orgasm, she put her wet fingers in her mouth and licked them, then she sprawled out on the floor and slid those wet fingers back into her tight pussy, fucking herself hard and fast with them. When the second orgasm hit, her entire body shook and her chest flushed red as she smiled and slowly teased her pussy and touched her tight, fit body. It was the best workout she had done in a long time.
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