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My Special Dream


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VRBTrans Published on Sep 23, 2023
Although we don't recommend daydreaming while working in real life, inside our immersive TS VR porn universe anything is possible – and much, much more interesting when you're surrounded by beautiful Shemale VR xxx performers all around you. VRB Trans is the place that brings together the sexiest Trans actresses in the world, and we know you can't wait for another opportunity to watch them – and today we've prepared a double portion of them for you, so you should be more than satisfied. My Special Dream is our latest bareback Shemale VR porn movie inside of which we'll make you a cameraman in the local news. It won't be the first-best news you see on your TV screen every day though – but a place where more than one super-hot Trans goddess work. When we say more than one, we specifically mean two of them – Janie Blade and Ariel Demure – and while the girls will make appearances as average, boring co-workers, you'll always suspect that they're hiding some sweet secret. And while you won't be able to find out for yourself if you're right, as soon as you take a little nap on your break from work and dream that you're still in it, the girls will go into action worthy of our best blowjob TS VR sex scenes. Put on your VR headset and carefully watch everything that now appears on its display, for you are in for one of the hottest anal TS VR xxx videos with two Shemales we have ever produced. Your little dream will be a Transsexual fantasy in which Janie and Ariel thrust at each other – and the sight of their growing dicks and stretching anals will surely give you a whole lot of fun. Grab these VR goggles now and enjoy the show, we're sure you'll love it!
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