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Sensual Masturbation

Starring: Cayla Lyons

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RealityLovers Published on Sep 23, 2023
Cayla Lyons looks like she’s got a little too much time on her hands, we meet her in an elegant apartment, we can only wonder what she likes to get up to on her own. It’s just as well our VR rig is ready to catch her at it. Cayla’s quite a sexy little Czech blonde bombshell, almost a good girl, but then again perhaps not, no tattoos, often the tell-tell sign of a wild one. She’s looking hot in an elegant black skirt with a red top with shiny black high heels, we don’t think those clothes will be staying on for long. She whips off her top and as we suspected she’s got quite an impressive set of tits with juicy pink nipples, all-natural gifts. Get that red bra off Cayla, we want to see more. She’s teasing us, showing us her soft smooth ass, those cheeky peach buttocks, don’t you just wish she’d sit on your face I’m sure. She’s provoking us, licking her finger and looking right at us with her cool blue eyes, she’s what we call a “dirty blonde”. Off comes that bra, take a good look at her impressive tits, she’s playing with her nipples and giving her boobs a squeeze, what a naughty look she has on her face too. What’s this? Cayla’s slipped her fingers into her red panties and started having a crafty lady wank, we bet you’d fancy a good old wank too and who could blame you. Sliding her finger over her clit, we bet she’s wet, quite a bit. Looks like Miss Lyons has a flexible habit as she fingers herself from behind, pushing her index finger inside her moist pussy lips for her dirty little pleasure, now it’s one of those one-on-one situations as Cayla slides up to us very close in VR as laying out her fantastic body on the furry rugs. Aha, she’s at it again, she obviously can't leave her pussy alone, by the sound of it and the look on her face she’s enjoying a good old finger fuck, we do like to see a girl entertaining herself. She’s kept those red panties and high heels on far too long don’t you think? Cayla Lyons is roaring hot and treated us to some finger-licking fun. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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