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Emily Bright Doing It Right

Starring: Emily Bright

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Sep 24, 2023
Your dads new girlfriend Emily is smoking hot, but a bit of a drag. Since she moved in, she has been riding you a bit about pulling your weight around the house. You arent fond of being bossed around and let her know that she can control your dad with her hot body, but that the same doesnt apply to you. She looks at you and smiles. If that is all it takes then she is more than willing to show you the body you have been peeking at ever since you dad started dating her. Stripping down to her black bra and panties, Emily starts negotiating. If you want to see her tits, you have to agree to do some chores around the house. Cleaning up a bit seems like a fair price to take a peek at her firm knockers. As she stands before you half naked, Emilys nipples stiffen at the same rate as your cock. She encourages you to take it out and stroke it, but only after you promise to enroll in college classes. You try to get her to touch you, but she refuses. She wont cheat on your dad, but if you promise go to class, help around the house and help Emily with the shopping, she is willing to fuck herself with a toy while you stroke your cock. That seems like a fair deal and you watch her slide a pink dildo in and out of her wet pussy while she encourages you to beat your meat. You both cum hard watching one another and you hope that dad never breaks up with Emily.
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