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Naughty Student

Starring: Vinna Reed

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RealJamVR Published on Sep 26, 2023
College coed Vinna Reed got out of class and was still wearing her slutty, sexy schoolgirl uniform when she sat down at the computer and started reading a book she needed to write about for her homework. The heat was up in the room so Vinna started to sweat. Instead of turning the heat down she decided to take some clothes off. She started by unbuttoning her shirt and showing that she attends class with no bra on. The blonde beauty licked her fingers and teased her nipples as she pulled her shirt all the way off. She climbed up onto the desk and got on all fours so she could lift her skirt up and show off her thong. Her pussy was wet as she reached back and started rubbing it through her panties. With her panties pulled to the side, Vinna teased her shaved pussy and tender clit with her fingers then she slipped her panties off with a naughty smile. As she slipped her skirt off she grabbed a pen and pressed it against her clit then she slid it inside her tight pussy and fucked herself with it. On all fours, she reached back and fucked herself from behind with the pen driving it deep. She could feel herself getting close so she spun around and sat on the desk with a leg in the air as she fucked herself harder and harder until her entire body shook as she came. Gasping for breath, this bad schoolgirl took the pen out of her pussy and gently rubbed herself with her fingers. Her entire body shuddered as she leaned back, closed her eyes, and enjoyed the orgasmic moment.
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