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Restricted Area

Starring: Dante Colle

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VRBGay Published on Sep 26, 2023
Disclaimer: before we even tell you about this brand new bareback gay VR xxx scene we would like to remind you that everything that happens on VRBGay.com is only sexual fantasies and that these actions have no correspondence in the real world. Although our productions appear to be 100% realistic, they are still only gay virtual reality sex experiences and do not represent real activities that could lead to any kind of consequences. Ok, all clear? Great. Now it's time to rob someone's house! Yes, you heard us right, today we're taking you on a robbery spree – and that's why we've decided to include this extensive write-up at the beginning of this description because even though it's all going to look truly realistic, it's still going to be just (or as much as) one of our releases with a tattooed gay VR porn star. But then again, who is this actually about? Who is this mysterious homeowner? And how do we know that his body is covered with tattoos? Well, it's pretty simple… Restricted Area is our latest production in which each of you, moments after putting on your VR headsets, will be transported directly to the house belonging to Dante Colle. Each of you certainly knows who he is, and therefore it should be of no surprise to you that it is his villa that we have chosen as the target of our break-in – however not everything will go according to plan, as you will soon find out. In a nutshell, whether you like it or not, you will be caught red-handed by him, and it will now be up to him to call the police and get you in trouble. And since this bearded gay VR sex performer is known for his sexual needs and preferences, it may be extremely difficult for you to please him and make him forgive you – how do you think you can change his mind?
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