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SelfGuided Tour Of Ms Allure

Starring: Adira Allure

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VirtualTaboo Published on Sep 28, 2023
When you made the appointment to see the house, you told your realtor it was his last chance. He had been showing you houses for months and had yet to find one that was up to your standards. Even worse, he was constantly late for meetings or cancelling at the last minute. You agreed to give him one more chance because he promised that this house was perfect and he wouldnt let you down. Needless to say you were not at all surprised when he was not at the home at the appointed time. What was a surprise was that he had sent his 19 year old daughter Adira in his place. She promised you that her father was held up at another location, but that he would be along shortly. Adira could tell you were upset and about to leave. Her father had left her strict instructions not to let you leave at any cost. Thinking quickly, the cute blonde begged you to stay. She got flirty and as soon as she noticed you checking out her legs, lifted her skirt a little. 'Please stay. Ill show you anything you want.' Her begging is adorable and her perky tits make you sit down and watch. She knows you want to see more and turns around as she drops her skirt to show you her firm, tight ass. Seeing how much you like her cheeks, Adira knows she has to show you everything if she is going to get you to stay. Showing off her neatly shaved-pussy and tiny tuft of hair she asks you to please make yourself commutable and take out your cock while she slides her fingers into herself. Adira looks good enough to eat and soon you are both cumming all over your fingers. Just then her father called. He is going to be even later. Not to worry Adira knows how to close this sale all by herself.
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