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VRBTrans Published on Oct 2, 2023
Who doesn't like to eat well? What a silly question, isn't it? However, how do we know which places are worth recommending and which ones are worth shunning? Thanks, of course, to the food critics who do all the dirty work for us – and today at VRBTrans.com we will make it possible for you to become one such person. What Can I Get For You? No, we're not asking – it's just the name of our latest threesome TS VR porn movie. A scene that will allow you to visit a wonderful restaurant where the extremely pretty cis-gender VR porn star, Pristine Edge, and her even prettier Trans colleague, Emma Rose, work. Don't expect this to be an ordinary restaurant visit, though, because as we mentioned above, today we're going to make you a food critic and you'll be there undercover. As soon as you are seated at a table, Pristine will come to serve you, offer you something from the menu, and a little later bring you your dream dish – but it will be very far from perfect. When, after a while, the cis-gendered girl realizes how badly she botched the job, there will be nothing left for her to do but to call in the cook – Emma Rose – who will have to somehow resolve the impasse. And what better way to appease an enraged critic than to suck his dick? Yes, that's how we'll get to the main part of this blowjob Shemale VR xxx video. That's not the end of the excitement, though, as the girls will realize that it takes a lot more to satisfy you – but with this being one of our Shemale Fucks Girls TS VR sex scenes, we're sure you'll be pleased with their 'service' this time. Don't delay, put on your VR goggles as soon as possible and visit this little VR Bangers Trans restaurant to be served like a real VIP!
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