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Nudity Is Her Best Costume

Starring: Eva Elfie

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VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 3, 2023
Who doesnt love summers warm weather, free time at the beach? The days are longer and the shorts just get shorter. In this VR porn video cute teen Eva Elfie loves breaking out her summer shorts to show off her legs and perky butt. When she really wants to show off she even wears suspenders to pull the tight denim up high to really hug her cheeks. Dressed like this, she knows she is going to attract attention. She knows how she looks in those tiny shorts and it is a thrill she craves. The sly looks from horny men who lust after her body and the disapproving looks from jealous women only fuels her excitement. She can feel every eye on her, checking out her body and it turns her on. By the time she gets home in 180 virtual reality scene, her nipples are hard and her panties are soaked. Eva can barely get through the door without stripping out of her clothes and attending to her naughty needs. As soon as she can, Eva Elfie wiggles out of her shorts and feels the cool air on her hot, wet pussy. With her nipples begging for attention she starts running her hands up and down her body. As she remembers the lusty and judgmental stares of the people she passed, her juices flow uncontrollably. She rubs her pussy, fantasizing about all of the men who looked at her and how their hard cocks would feel stretching her tight lips. She also thinks about their jealous girlfriends and how she would happily steal their men away for a quick fling. Her filthy thoughts always leave her fingers soaked and her body satisfied.
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