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Starring: Tiny Tina

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RealityLovers Published on Oct 5, 2023
In we go, you're invited. Classy Tiny Tina’s waiting for you in a sleek urban pad, with her deep brown eyes and beautiful face, you know this is going to be one steamy hot girlfriend experience. Tina’s been expecting you. We meet her in the lounge dressed in an elegant silvery dark dress and high heels, but not for long. She sips out of it revealing her stunning body, what a fantastic ass, exquisite tits, she’s a complete fuck fantasy. She’s slipped into a dusty pink dress with silk stockings, pulling off her dress we wouldn’t be surprised if you were pulling yourself off too. Just look at her juicy perfect nipples, she has a dreamy look in her eyes, what’s next? Now she’s cock teasing us in another outfit in the kitchen, her long legs leading us up to her perfectly shaved cunt climaxing up to her pussy lips, she’s a total jerkoff jackpot. Now we're getting to the real money shot, a slinky black lingerie outfit in the bedroom, she’s there on the white bedsheets, her hardon provoking body right up close with the magical VR intimacy. Changing into a pink gown she slips it open driving us wild, Tina’s nipples look all erect, you are too and now she’s getting all oiled up, shimmering and shiny you’d just love to slide inside and ride her wet pussy until your dick spasms uncontrollably in her juicy joy slot. Behave yourself, Tina’s not just tits and ass, she’s top class. We hope the oil brought you to the boil, she’s slip-sliding away… Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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