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VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 7, 2023
Ginebra has a huge crush on her handsome stepbrother. Now that she is finally eighteen she wants him to notice her as more than just little sister. She knows that he is heavily into manga and really loves Kawaii girls. Using that to her advantage, she puts together a very special Kobayashi cosplay costume. When it is just perfect, Ginebra decides to fix him breakfast in bed, but on her costume and surprise him. Her hope is that he might see her in a different light. What she doesnt know as she walks into his bedroom is that he woke up horny and is already stroking his fat cock looking at a hot Eva Elfie manga cosplay. This works out even better than Ginebra had hoped. Already turned on, brother is unable to hide his excitement at seeing her in costume. He tries to play it off as fandom, but his throbbing cock gives away his secret. Acting silly and staying in character sister reaches under his sheets and takes his hard cock out. He tries to resist, but she is too cute, he is too horny and her costume is just too perfect. Her warm, wet mouth on his meat melts away the last of his resistance and gets to have his manga fantasy. Not content with just tasting his cock, Ginebra undoes her costume just enough to ride him. Her pussy is tight, but wet and inviting as she finally gets what she has fantasized about for so long. She looks back and sees him staring at her ass and instantly knows what he really wants. He wants to fuck cosplay sister in her tight little butthole. She is happy to make his fantasy come true and gets her ass pounded until he shoots his load all over her. Ginebra has plenty of costumes and plans on draining big brother regularly.
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