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Nathaly Just for You

Starring: Natalie Cherie

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RealJamVR Published on Oct 8, 2023
Busty, blonde babe Natalie Chase comes into the room and climbs up onto her bed, saying how she is here just for you and asks if you would like to see her body. She pulls her bra to the side and lets her huge tits spill out so she can grab them and squeeze them while putting them in your face. After playing with her tits for a few minutes, she gets on all fours and peels her panties off, showing off her ass and pussy from behind then she takes her panties the rest of the way off, lays on her back, and spreads her legs. Her pussy has a nice landing strip that is on full display as she starts rubbing her hands all over her nice, curvy body. She begins rubbing and teasing her pussy then she slips a finger inside and moans as she finger fucks herself. Her pussy is so wet you can hear it as she bangs herself. She rolls over onto her hands and knees, arches her back, and reaches back so she can finger herself from behind. With two fingers buried in her pussy, she fucks herself harder and harder then she rolls over onto her back and fingers herself hard until she cums. As the orgasm subsides, she gently touches and teases her pussy then she relaxes on the bed with a smile on her face.
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