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In Love With Veronica Avluv

Starring: Veronica Avluv

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VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 9, 2023
From the moment your wifes best friend came to stay with you after her divorce, you knew you were in trouble. She is tall, stacked, beautiful and fresh out of a bad marriage and always on the prowl. Staying away from her was never going to be easy, but she did her best to make it impossible. You tried to watch her secretly, but she caught you peeking one too many times. Veronica and your wife had begun going out and having 'girls nights' and before one such evening on the town, she came into the room to show you her outfit. She said she wanted your opinion, but really she wanted to tease you with her long legs and full, partially exposed breasts. She could tell you liked what you see and knew that your wife was already at the bar waiting for her. It was safe for her to take her teasing to the next level and that is exactly what Veronica did. She opsnes her blouse telling you that she has seen you checking out her tits. Its OK though, she likes it, she wants you to look and lets them almost pop out of her bra. Just when you are about to get a good look at them, your wife calls Veronica. She assures her that she will be along shortly and resumes stripping for you. Finally letting her tits out, she shakes them and smiles at your growing hard on. She will let you see the rest if you promise to take out your cock and stroke it for her. Watching you play with yourself turns your wifes friend on so much she has to rub her pussy and slide fingers inside while she moans along with you. You both cum together and Veronica vows that next time your wife is out, you wont stop until you have thrust that big cock deep inside of her.
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