Breaking Bad With Jennifer The Heart Breaker


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VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 13, 2023
You have been working long hours at the office lately, trying to land a huge account that would set you up for a promotion. The money would come in handy after the moving in your girlfriend Jennifer and the expense of the upcoming wedding. She has been very understanding, but the long hours have really taken a toll on your sex life and Jennifer is far too hot and horny to let you neglect her needs for long. One day she shows up at your office looking incredibly sexy in a tight little dress and heels she knows you love. She knows you dont have time for lunch, but she also knows you cant resist her long legs or the incredible curve of her ass as she bends over and teases you. You afraid of getting caught and fired, but you also recognize the look in her eyes and know that her pussy is wet and ready for your cock. Sitting on your desk with her legs spread and her big-tits on display she teases you. Not at work, not when you could get fired, but she promises that if you come home early tonight, you can have her any way you want. To show you how serious she is, Jennifer spreads her legs, opens her lips and starts to finger herself. Watching her pick up speed and finally convulse with pleasure in your chair you could hardly contain your erection in your pants. 'Come home baby' she whispered on her way out the door 'Come one and give me that big dick.' There would be no overtime tonight, at least not at the office.
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