VR Anal Sex part 6

Starring: Keira Flow

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RealityLovers Published on Oct 13, 2023
We’re off to the satin white room with Keira Flow, what’s going to happen, we are sure you’d like to know. Are you ready? Let’s get ready for a very private show and soon we will know. Sliding onto the bed, dressed in silky red Keira is looking right at you with her big wide eyes, her long dark hair close enough to sniff. She’s a stunner and loves deep hard anal. Looks like she’s in a hurry too, she must be a horny little devil. “Hi dear,” she says as she grips her long elegant fingers around a big hard cock that seems ready to ride. Keira’s still fully dressed, she can’t wait to get some hard cock inside her and slips the bell-end of the dick right in for a jolly good sucking as she gently milks the shaft of the guy’s cock, she’s a real willy monster. Aha, she wants more, so do you, she’s got naked, we see the telltale naughty girl tattoos, the mark of a bad girl whose very good at being bad. The guy’s hands are all over her cheerful little tits working up her lust for a cock thrust. Now Keira’s flipped over, she’s not just wide-eyed, she’s got her legs open wide with her ass hole ready to ride. Let’s VR zoom in as the guy's cock slips in. With VR technology you are so close you are almost poking her butt hole with a stunning bird’s eye view of her brown star as it gets a fully good fucking. Imagine her tight little asshole gripping his swollen dick as it pumps her hard from behind. She’s squealing and groaning with joy as she rides his man toy. Keira flips over, still more up the bum fun, she's frantically flicking her soaking wet bean, her gleaming fingertips slipping over her clit bit. She’s loving being bum banged and lady wanks excitedly in unison. She’s looking right into your eyes; you can see and sense her joy ride. She’s in luck, now for the front on fuck, open wide Keira. Just look at her little tits bopping away, jumping with the humping. Motion and emotion. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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