Play Girl stories with Lina Arian

Starring: Lina Arian

It’s time for some intimate one-on-one, stunning brunette Lina Arian with her elegant seductive, delicate features, luxurious body and long shiny dark hair invites you closeup and personal, are you ready? In we go to the lounge, close enough to smell, (almost), she’s been expecting you, she’s squeezed her fabulous little ass into her Daisy Duke denim shorts and white top, her hypnotic eyes look excited, that makes two of you. Lina’s stripping down to her black panties, we know what Lina’s been keeping for you, stretching out on the sofa we see just what an immense body she has, those long slender legs riding all the way up to her tight shaved pussy, and her cheeky smooth ass, it’s a peach. She’s going to provoke you, working you up into a hard and horny mess. Now into a silky pink dress, it's clinging to her body, you’d desperately love to fuck her wouldn’t you, pulling down her pink panties and plunging into her wet shaven haven. You should be so lucky. You’re in the bedroom with her, those hypnotic eyes begging you to join her, she’s all fresh and warm in white bra and knickers, but not for long. You are so close with VR, her perfect little nipples and elegant tits right up close, imagine your cock throbbing inside her warm tingling pussy, it’s all yours. We bet you’d love to jerk for joy blowing your load in her face. She’s not finished with you yet. Don’t you just love that classy black dress, is she going out for dinner or is she simply ready for “afters”? She really is pure class; this really has the feel of a girlfriend experience. Off to the kitchen, dressed in virgin white lingerie, (but we doubt she is a virgin), those sexy white stockings stretching all the way up those long legs, you both want a little more fun together, there’s a coffee on the table, perhaps you can whip up some cream for Lina. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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