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Play Girl stories with Stacy Cruz

Starring: Stacy Cruz

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RealityLovers Published on Oct 16, 2023
Step on in, Stacy Cruz has been expecting you and she’s a ravishingly hot playgirl. You meet her in the hallway, let’s get close up, you can almost smell her scent. A serious stunner with long hazel brown hair, hypnotic eyes, her buxom tits, and tight peachy ass clad in classy black lingerie and black silky stockings climbing those long elegant legs. Let’s see what Stacy’s going to do, up close and personal, the best of VR. She’s looking at you, let’s follow, onto the spiral staircase, her tits pop out and they are a tit-wank-tastic pair of bouncing puppies, aren’t they? Stacy’s teasing you, up the stairs we go, we’ve got a lot more to see. In the bedroom, she’s changed into a shiny tight dress, not long until she whips us into a mess. Her hands dancing over her body, whipping her tits out, pulling down her panties to show us her perfect pussy, her cunt lips tingling and tantalizing. Now she’s turning on the class, let’s see her slip out of her lilac-colour dress so we can jerk off over her smooth tits and ass, look at her move that seductive body, she’s like a dream girlfriend or superstar fuck buddy, you decide, we know you’d love to slide in and ride. Well, now she’s cooking up something hot in the kitchen in a shimmering pink dress, this might end in a mess. Her endless energy takes us back to the bedroom, stretched out on the bed, her wet cunt wants your throbbing cock, at least virtually, she brings the Play Girl story to a climax, have you? Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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