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Bath Babe Nelly

Starring: Nelly Kent

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VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 18, 2023
Nelly Kent is so excited she can hardly stand it. Her long time boyfriend has asked her to a special dinner at their favorite restaurant. He has been hinting that he might be ready to take their relationship to the next level and the pretty brunette is certain that tonight is the night he will ask her to marry him. When it was time to get ready, Nelly drew a hot bath and slipped beneath the water. She was so nervous, but also excited. The idea of marrying him made her smile. He was kind and funny, smart and handsome. In addition to all of that, he was also great in bed. The best Nelly had ever had. His touch left her weak and every time they made love she felt as if she felt loved, wanted and ravaged all at the same time. The idea of being with him for the rest of their lives, sharing a bed, fucking all the time, it made the warm water around her feel hotter and soon she was tingling in all the right places. Nelly spread her legs wide and slipped a finger inside of her pussy. She thought about waiting until after he proposed so they could have a truly explosive night. The desire in her was just too strong and she couldnt wait. Her fingers slid inside of her pussy as she dreamed about marrying the man she loved and the way his big cock would keep her happy for years to come. Tonight was the night and Nelly was already off to a hot start.
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