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Interrogating Sex Detective

Starring: Eddy Ceetee

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VRBGay Published on Oct 19, 2023
Gay VR Bangers are always trying to satisfy every need of their gay audience, endlessly coming up with new ideas for their gay VR porn fantasies. If you're watching us regularly, you've probably already seen our ideas being implemented, as there are a lot of gay virtual reality porn movies to choose from. We've had the gym scenario, some gay VR porn films made at the poolside, and even some hospital-related fantasies made to the delight of our demanding fans. It was about time for us to make a jail bareback gay VR porn video, as being interrogated by a bad cop is a fantasia that almost all of us had at some point in our lives. Today, in the 'Interrogating Sex Detective' gay VR porn movie, you will get to become a sheriff of this town, and it'll depend on you how justice will be served. Your prisoner, muscle sexy Eddy CeeTee will do anything and everything to escape the prison, as he's on the death sentence and the judge just won't listen that he's not guilty. Maybe if he'll behave accordingly and make your time worthwhile, you'll be a little gracious and forget to keep paying attention to your cell key for a few seconds, but first... Wear your VR headset and become a judge and the executor in this gay VR porn fantasy, as it's completely up to you if Eddy will be freed today or not. He'll do his best, but since you're one of the Gay VR Bangers' fans, which means that you're very demanding, it may not be enough and you'll need this sexy model to go even further and exceed his sexual limits to satisfy you. What does that mean? Dive into this gay virtual reality porn scene and find out by yourself - Eddy is waiting for you already, and since he really wants to be released, feel free to not hold yourself back and be pressing more than ever before.
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