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Meet the Barber


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VRBGay Published on Oct 20, 2023
We all have to visit a barber from time to time, yet even though sitting in a chair for a couple of hours (beauty has its price, gentlemen) isn't too pleasant, in Gay VR videos at 180 degrees everything can get really enjoyable when done in an appropriate company. For example, try to imagine that your barber is no other than a sexy Dominic Pacifico who you've been watching in his Gay Porn videos. How could such a handsome man and a pornstar become a simple hairdresser? Well, in the world of Gay VR Porn films everything is possible, so wear your VR goggles and enjoy this immersive scene - and stop asking silly questions! DJ Pacifico had seen you in one of the gay clubs and he knows that he is dealing with one of his fans, so sit in the chair nicely and, if you are lucky, you can count on some extra services. The touch of Dominic's fingers on your head had already made you horny, but when he accidentally dropped the scissors and had to bend them to pick them up, you couldn't hold them back anymore and got hard in your pants - and yes, Dom's noticed it! And what could possibly happen in such a situation? Well, he could else kick you out, or else suck your dick to help you with your enlarging problem, and since it's your lucky day and this is a Gay VR Porn movie, you probably know which option has happened. Wear your VR goggles tight and sit back in your chair just like our model is sitting before Dominic's slutty lips, and enjoy this immersive close-up Gay fantasy in 4K - visiting a barber can't really get any better, so you will probably keep coming back to this movie every time when about to have a haircut.
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