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Starring: Nessie Blue

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RealityLovers Published on Oct 20, 2023
Nessie Blue is ready for you and she’s all worked up and horny in an elegant attic apartment, are you ready for a multi-strip show? Let’s go. It’s just the two of you, for your VR eyes only, and talking of eyes, don’t Nessie’s look innocent. She almost glides across the floor towards you with her sleek sexy body. She’s looking deeply at you, starting off in tantalizing white lingerie, she’s bursting to strip off. Look at those pert little tits with excited nipples popping out like steel rivets but with a soft hot texture, you’d love to slide your tongue around provoking her more. Sitting on a stool, naughty Nessie’s all yours, look at her dark silky hair and tight little ass, she’s perfect. Next into a slinky lacy black outfit, with 'fuck me stockings', it’s starting to get hot in here, and it’s not just the temperature that's rising. She’s teasing you now, outcome those fantastic tits again, wouldn't you just love to slip your hard cock shaft between and let her milk you with a horny tit wank. You can imagine her tight little pussy getting all moist in this intimate private one-to-one. She’s back, changing into peach pink lingerie, she’s not so innocent at all as we see this naughty girl performer ramp up her moves and she’s got a few cheeky tattoos. Don’t you just love those two butt stars? I bet you can whip up some cream. She’s tantalizingly hot and stretching out on the bed with its satin white sheets with that look on her face that says 'sit on me', she’s completely naked, it’s a shame she can only blow your mind. In another outfit, flipping back to a classy fishnet bodysuit you can see just how erotic her body is. Don’t you just love those black high heels topped off with her blood-red nails? fantasy stuff for the foot fetishes out there. She’s stripped down to her panties revealing her stunning cunt. It’s final showtime and it’s a load-blowing final gig in a sizzling red-hot sexy outfit. Nessie’s back on the bed you are together and it's definitely going to be a happy ending, that’s as close as you can get. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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