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Starring: Wesley Woods

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VRBGay Published on Oct 24, 2023
They say that life is an art of drawing without an eraser - we're not really sure what it means, but we're certainly clear that the existence without the creation just wouldn't be the same. Even though supposedly all of us are making art every day, by making food or literally taking a dump, there are some folks out there who can really squeeze something out of it. These artists are true actors, painters, or even Gay VR Porn performers - and sometimes, they're all of it combined, just like the handsome Wesley Woods! Wesley is a real man of Renaissance - he does a lot of things at once while being good at all of them, and just like King Midas, he's turning everything he touches into gold. The happier we are to work with him since such a character fits our exclusive Gay Virtual Reality Porn movies in 4K the best! Today he's posing for some art class student naked while giving him some tips about painting at the same time. The artist is trying to draw his cock in detail, but first, he needs it to be nice and hard. Wesley is starting to play with his dick for the sake of art, giving himself and all the men watching him some hard boners - both the painter and all Wesley's fans viewing him through their VR goggles. We all know that when things get more intense, it's really hard to stop, and it's not different in this Gay VR Porn scene - when Wesley started having some fun, he won't stop there and he's going all in! The artist would've never suspected that this art class could end like this, and he's as turned on as each and every one of us, watching this 4K scene in virtual reality. How will it end? Well, put your VR headset on and see for yourself!
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