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VRBGay Published on Oct 25, 2023
Relationships can get really hard, you know? Especially when there's no equality between partners and one of them is giving more than taking. We know that sometimes life can get really tough and it's hard to come up with expectations, but on the other hand, it's really easy to cross a thin line and start using someone's help and trust. For example, imagine this scenario: you are like Jeremy Spreadums, a man who's working his fingers to the bone every day, doing his best to pay the rent and support his beloved boyfriend, Arad Winwin, while he's having a hard time to find a new profession. But one day, after coming home early to surprise your man, you find him watching Gay VR Porn instead of looking for a new job! So you're losing your mind, trying to make ends meet and skipping the nights, while he's just sitting there and fapping to some gay porn in virtual reality? Oh no, it's about time to reverse the situation. This stupid fuck has to learn that he finally has to be responsible for his actions! And if he's not going to work any soon, he'll have to pay you back in nature - sucking your hard cock and choking on it. So now you're gonna fuck him so hard that he'll forget about his Gay Virtual Reality Porn, and finally realize that his own partner can bang him better than any pornstar. If you'll screw his anal hard, maybe his butt will hurt bad enough, so he will not be able to sit on his tight ass ever again, and maybe he'll start searching for a job for once. Don't worry, you're not a leech-like Arad, so you can watch this Gay VR Porn scene without any fear of being caught - in the end, you're a VR Bangers member which is in itself proof of your value and quality!
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