Play Girl stories with Vanessa Angel

Starring: Vanessa Angel

Sensual and seductive Venessa ain’t no Angel but she'll take you sex heaven like a horny little devil, she’s going to give you a VR view of heaven. With those big brown eyes and long hazel brown hair, she’s going to blow your balls empty with an intimate VR VIP strip show. This is a deluxe experience in every way, she's got so much youthful class and she’s waiting for you in an opulent apartment with its stunning ceiling and gleaming chandlers, this is no seedy room, sneak into for some top-class tits and ass. Venessa strips again and again for you, whipping off her olive-green figure-hugging dress to reveal her fabulously tight tone young body as she caresses her long legs, that’s going to have your throbbing cock pulsing with expectation. She goes further, a lot further with that wickedly seductive look in her eyes, her pussy’s pleading for you, her cut lips wet and sensitive. Flexing positions onto the bed in exotic black lingerie you can't wait for her to get naked she’s playing with herself, tits out, fingers inside flicking her clit. Jumping onto the table she cavorts in her silky panties working both of you up into a hot mess. She moves onto the leather, skin-on-skin couch in an elegant bright peach dress, and her curvaceous tight ass is a peach too, grabble buttocks of fun. Now for the climax, slipping out of a stunning sleek white dress she smothers her babe body in baby oil, you wish those were your grasping hands. Now her tits are oiled up, slippery, and shimmering with nipples like standing out like stars in the sky, imagine her crushing your cock shaft between them and blowing your load all over her face and hair. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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