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Stroking it Out

Starring: Mick Stallone

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VRBGay Published on Oct 27, 2023
Mick Stallone is one of the hottest pornstars around and it's just your luck that he is actually your boyfriend. He is a busy guy who has to head out to work but he sees that you are a bit sad and lonely to be left all alone at home all day, so he stops to give you a treat and it is available for you to watch in your VR headset in ultra HD 4K. This is a top-quality virtual reality solo masturbation video for anyone who wants to see a nude hot guy like Mick Stallone rubbing one out. It's perfect for gay guys, bisexual dudes, and ladies who want to watch such a thing. If you've never tried virtual reality porn before, this is a great place to start because it is simply one of the hottest masturbation scenes you will see and Mick is a guy who really knows how to put on a show. So Mick sits back and rubs his rod while you watch. When you are using your favored VR headset it really does appear that he is doing it just for you. You can imagine that this amazing pornstar is your real-life boyfriend and when he's not jerking it, that big fuck stick is going inside of your holes. What a thoughtful guy, giving you a nice sexy show before he goes and works out of the house all day. Just dream about what is going to happen that night when he gets back. Soon enough, Mick pops a big load right where you can see it so that you can enjoy the fruits of his labor. Now it is your turn to rub one out and show Mick what you are made of, until later on when the two of you will be together again in another gay VR Porn Video.
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