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Oily Spills

Starring: Logan Moore

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VRBGay Published on Oct 28, 2023
Logan Moore is one of the hottest gay pornstars today so it only makes sense that you would want to see him perform in some hot homosexual porn! This one is even better because it is a piece of virtual reality smut that will really get your gears going. He started out in his professional life as a dancer so he really knows how to move his muscle body to get you to feel what he wants you to. Logan is hot and he is from the Netherlands meaning he has an accent that makes him even more charming. All of these factors explain why you would want to see this porn movie up close and personal in virtual reality. Logan gets all oiled up. He uses oil to show off his muscles and make him look even sexier than you even thought he could look. The oil drips down onto his cock and makes him all lubed up so that he can rub his fuck stick and make himself feel good, and in turn, make you feel great. That's what Logan lives for. His fans are everything for him and that's why he wanted to do virtual reality videos. His 6-foot-1-inch tall frame squirms with desire as he sighs and groans as he works himself up to a climax. His rod gets harder and harder as he rubs it up and down, showing you just how he likes it. Before too long he explodes in a climax that lets out a release of splodge that will surprise you in its size, letting you know just how turned on he was. Logan is definitely the type of guy you want to get to know in a lubed-up solo session. Find out what he has been hiding beneath his clothes by seeing him in this Gay VR Porn video that will take you to your own wonderland and forget about your troubles!
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