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Play Girl stories with Jackie

Starring: Jackie

realitylovers VR Porn Profile
RealityLovers Published on Oct 28, 2023
Reality Lovers “Play Girl Stories” – Jackie is a young stunning blonde with glossy silky hair, smooth honeylike skin with dazzling deep eyes. With her long shapely legs and a perfectly toned body she’s going to take you on a VR VIP strip show, what do you want to see? Her shaven havens pussy lips are so inviting, warm, sticky, and smooth, she’ll let you peep. It’s an intimate performance in a classy contemporary apartment, just the two of you, she’s naught and you know she’s going to tease you, work you up, she’s playing with her pussy fingering it furiously, her clit is swollen she’s struggling with the urge to make herself cum. You’ll be jerking off on this VR journey getting all hot and bothered, but Jackie’s just getting started. she seduces you on a private tour taking you through a teasing array of provocative lingerie, her full pert tits burst out of the cups, erect hard nipples let you know she’s all worked up. Her tight butt cheeks are perched on the table, she’s aroused, needs to cool down, dribbling ice-cool mineral water over her tits her nipples are erect and like bullets, the chilly liquid trickling down her torso as the wet rivets cascade oozing between her legs soaking her pussy and wetting her knickers, she looks deep into the camera with that look, it’s not pee it’s just you and me. Pink, white or black knickers, Jackie puts on a hot show, those “fuck me” fishnet stockings, elegant dresses suit the apartment and set the tone for a top-class one-to-one that’s pure tits, ass and we know you’re going to blast. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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