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Say Yes To This Dress

Starring: Lina Luxa

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Oct 31, 2023
After three years of marriage it would be easy for things to get stale. Luckily, your wife Lina Luxa is loving, creative and not about to let the passion in your relationship cool even a little bit. Once a month she goes out shopping and comes home with some new, sexy outfit. On your scheduled date night you come home to find her waiting in purple panties and a sheer matching robe that leaves little to the imagination. She stands in the doorway, allowing you to admire her long legs and the perky breasts that are visible through the sheer fabric. Lina loves the way you look at her and knows what you really want to see. She turns her back to you and bends over just slightly so you can admire her firm, shapely ass. Moving slowly to the bed, she motions for you to stay put. There will be time to join her, but for now she just wants you to keep watching her. With a seductive look in her eye, she slowly takes off the robe. Her perky breasts are capped by nipples stiff enough to cut glass. She wants you and wants to make sure you want her just as much. Knowing that she has your full attention, Lina slowly removes her panties to show you that she is freshly shaved and ready for some naughty fun. She rubs her fingers on her smooth lips and shows you how wet she is by sliding her fingers into her pussy. She is ready. It is time. Date night has only just begun.
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