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Total Exposure

Starring: Thomas Freidl

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VRBGay Published on Nov 1, 2023
Thomas Freidl is a hot muscled up beefy guy who spends all day at the gym working on his look just for you. He has abs on his abs and muscles in places that you never knew were possible. Today he is here just for you and he wants to lavish you with his undivided attention. So strap on your favorite virtual reality headset whether that is Oculus or HTC Vive and go watch this amazing man. He starts out in the man shower where you can see him spraying down his big muscles. His skin turns red from the warm water and sends shivers up your own spine. He covers himself well with a sexy red towel so that he can dry off a little bit. The towel feels so good against his cock so that he starts to massage his big dick with it. Soon he can't hide it any longer and he decides to forgo all other pretenses and shows off his whole body nude complete with his now raging hard erection. He shows off his asshole to you and then rolls over to show you what it looks like when he masturbates. This is an intimate session and Thomas is a guy who likes to share his energy with you. He is not just one of these dudes who is in the porn flicks for other reasons. His goals with gay VR porn are to give you as much pleasure as he is receiving. He jerks his stiff rod until he releases a huge load of sperm and splooge right onto his washboard abs. Thomas is happy to share this intimate moment with you in such close quarters! Mr. Freidl is a special kind of macho, who really puts all of himself into a scene and you can tell from watching him in this 4K Ultra HD gay VR Porn video on 180 degrees.
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