Relax With Polina Max

Starring: Polina Max

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 3, 2023
You came home early on your anniversary, ready to take your wife out for a lovely dinner at her favorite restaurant. With any luck you will come home to make lover after. She wasnt ready to go and you caught a glimpse of her in some special new lingerie she bought just for the occasion. The pink lace panties were cut tight on her ass, showing off her cheeks and the bra pushed her already perky tits up high and proud. The white band around the edges said 'Sexy Baby' and that is exactly what your gorgeous was. She catches you staring at her and likes the way her new outfit is affecting you. Polina can tell you want to see more and sheds her bra to reveal perky breasts and nipples that are rock hard with excitement. Teasing you she tells you that you better get undressed and change for the restaurant. As you start to get undressed, he gets a good look at your hard cock and smiles. She loses her panties and gets into bed. For your special night she has shaved her pussy and it looks good enough to eat. There is time before the reservation and she spreads her legs, inviting you to come and get a taste. As hot as she looks, you likely wont be eating thing but her sweet pussy for the rest of the night and Polina will not complain at all.
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