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Dear Santa I Badly Need A Mom

Starring: Ania Kinski

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 4, 2023
Ever since his father married sexy Ania Kinski, eighteen year old Timmy has wanted just one thing, to bang his hot stepmom. Watching her run around the tree in her slutty Santas helper costume was enough to drive him completely wild. He couldnt help himself and when his parents asked him to write a letter to Santa, he confessed his lust in very graphic terms. His father reads the note and decides to give his son what he wants. Ania is only too happy to become sons slutty gift from Santa. She lowers her head into his lap and smiles up at him as she takes his cock between her lips. Her mouth is just as warm and inviting as he fantasized it would. Watching Ania give head, makes dads cock hard so he joins the fun. The naughty brunette is thrilled to have a pair of stiff candy canes to savor and moves her red lips back and forth to keep them both happy. He didnt wish to just get a blowjob from mom and Ania is quite happy to climb on top and ride his young cock. Her husband uses the opportunity to get his cock deep into her throat. Ania turns around and lets the two men in her life trade places. She never imagined that her marriage would give her two hard cocks under the same room. They both have big, hot loads for her hungry mouth. Now that she knows how son feels about banging her and that her husband approves, she is going to be getting double dick action far more often.
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