Addicted to Ass

Starring: Jamie Oliver

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VRBGay Published on Nov 8, 2023
Some addictions are not too good. They can cause you to do things that are out of character. But others are more appropriate. You might even say they are innocent and fun. This one is a perfectly fine one to have. In fact, it is even encouraged. Jamie Oliver shows up for a photo shoot. Sure he expected that things would get kind of sexy but he didn't know that things would turn so hot. His photographer started to take close-up pics of him without his top on, but soon his pants get off and his underwear looks so hot. Soon the photographer starts coming on to him and he doesn't mind. He has been kind of horny and lonely lately so he doesn't mind finding a new lover! The photographer guides Jamie to his crotch and then his cock gets unleashed. Jamie is an expert at sucking dick so he gives it a go. His mouth easily wraps around the cock and he can even take the whole thing almost balls deep. The photographer wants more. He wants to get the whole picture of Jamie. So he turns Jamie around and fills his ass with his nice cock. Jamie gets on it in a variety of different positions. He sits on top of it and bends over to take it as well. You get to see this from the photographer's perspective because this is a POV Gay VR Porn video that looks so real because it is in the highest 4K Ultra HD quality for your virtual reality headset. If you have always wanted to spend a day with a guy as hot as Jamie then now is your chance! Otherwise, you would have to hop on a plane to find Jamie in the Czech Republic, but here you can spend time with him in your own living room at 180 degrees.
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