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Pay the Rent

Starring: Chloe Lamour

realitylovers VR Porn Profile
RealityLovers Published on Nov 10, 2023
Let’s meet Chole Lamour, she’s short on cash but clearly has some massive assets. Chloe can’t pay the rent on time, but maybe she can pay by giving a “good time”. Chloe invites the lusty landlord in and he starts with a hands-on review of her assets, frankly a massive pair of tits. He’s hard, she’s hard-up, out comes his dick for a suck and a lick. Seeing as she’s in “rent arrears” she then takes it up the rear, the landlord is clearly a big operator as he pumps her hard from behind as she moans and groans on his pork bone. The landlord is definitely getting his rent paid, with Chloe’s vast boobs he fancies a generous tit wank, who wouldn’t, they are sensational and what a girl, a hot brunette, her shaved fanny and cheeky naughty girl tattoos show she’s definitely a good-time girl. She lays back for a jolly good fuck, her wet pussy lips swallow the guy’s dick, deep inside it’s time to ride. She can feel that one as she squeals and feels her vast tits. Now onto the bed together, seems these two appreciate the new economic relationship fully. Chloe sucks his dick again, her voluptuous lips lapping it up, she wants more. Jumping on top of the cock, they can’t stop. The VR captures the sheer size of her tits bopping away as they hump and pump. Closer still her shaved moist fanny is in your face, close enough to smell her excitement, looks like potential eviction has been solved with an erection. There is more than one way to pay the rent is seems. Reality Lovers take you there in VR.
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