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She Is A Bad Schoolgirl

Starring: Ivi Rein

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 15, 2023
When Ivi Rein came home from college for break, she was excited to see her boyfriend for the first time since she left for school. They had never been apart for so long and Ivi certainly hadnt gone this long without sex since they started dating. Wanting to make it special, she got her old school uniform out of the closet. They had met in high school and she knew that the short skirt always turned him. Happy to find that it still fit, Ivi admired her long legs in the mirror and knew that it was going to be a very special night. When her boyfriend arrived she could see the surprise on his face and the excitement in his pants. The uniform was doing the trick. She had him sit down while she modeled it for him. Pulling up her skirt and teasing him with glimpses of her ass, Ivi let her boyfriend know how much she missed him and how lonely her little pussy has been. He wants to see more so she takes off her sheer top and plays with her stiff nipples. Before she will let him see more, Ivi makes him take his cock out and start stroking it to show how much he wants her. It is just as big and hard as she remembers it. Encouraging him to jerk it faster, she strips down until she is wearing just her boots before she joins him, fingering her hot pussy while he watches. She fucks her hole until she is nearly ready to explode, but not it is time for the real thing.
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