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Team Bride Last Fuck Before Tying The Knot


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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 17, 2023
It is the night before Sofia Lees wedding and her favorite Aunt wants to help her celebrate her last night of freedom in style. She invites her friend Josephine over to share the fun. The older women give Sofia a sexy silk white 'bride' robe to wear and have pink ones to match. They play music and pour wine to get Sofia nice and relaxed for her big surprise. Angel has ordered a hunky stripper to send Sofia off into married life with a bang. The plans run into a snag however, when the stripper does not show up. Drunk and horny from dancing around in their robes, Angel and Josephine are desperate to find a substitute. There is only one solution, to have Sofias stepbrother fill in for the stripper. Sofia has just enough wine to go along with aunt and her horny friend. He is happy to go along with the plan, but Aunt Angel wants to see if he has the right equipment for the job. They are shocked to see that he has a big, thick cock that is already hard for them. Sofia wraps her soft, warm tits around brothers dick and rubs up and down. Josephine and Angel help the bride to be into the bed where she takes his fat cock in her pussy from behind. It is the biggest she has ever felt and he makes her cum in record time. He gives slutty Aunt and her friend a turn and the experienced women ride that young dick like they never want him to stop. Sofia recovers in time to jerk brother off over all six huge tits. She may be getting married in the morning, but now that she has tried his cock, Sofia plans to fuck brother as often as possible.
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