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TSVirtualLovers Published on Nov 21, 2023
TSVirtuallovers.com presents a new VR shemale production with trans sex superstar Lena Kelly. The blonde American-born tranny tried a game of cards, sometimes without cheating, but in the end it didn't work out without any creativity. When she gets rid of her fellow poker players, it goes straight to the sexual issue. The casino croupier was shy at first and then quite surprised what Ms. Kelly had hanging between her legs. It didn't bother him, watching the big banana, rather he got really horny and after kissing and licking, Lena showed him everything about excellent sex with a damn good shemale. Starting with a VR blowjob, Anal sex, the reverse cowgirl position and ending with famous double-cock masturbation. It's good that we recorded all of this with our brand new virtual reality camera in 180, POV, high quality and up to 5K. We always thought that a croupier had such skillful hands, but we didn't know that he could also handle his big dick well. All in all a very nice virtual reality transsexual film that you will love and of course with the right VR goggle it will be the ultimate virtual reality experience. You can download or stream the scene, it depends on what is best for your VR headset. In summary, if you like a top shemale who has great tits, a big cock, beautiful filled balls, can fuck well and you like mega asses, then you should definitely get this video content immediately and not miss a second. Watch now, this poker game is all about winning, not losing!
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