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TSVirtualLovers Published on Nov 25, 2023
Let’s sneak into a classy apartment and see what’s going on. Introducing Nikki Vicious, a very dirty blonde. She’s a real stunner, elegant and feminine in a slinky black silk dress, underneath is her tremendous body with shapely long legs. See that cheeky tattoo on her upper thigh, always a giveaway sign of naughtiness and she’s screaming hot. Nikki’s happy that a new photographer took her call, she’s been looking forward to a portfolio shoot for a long time, perhaps she’s what the photographers also looking for, even just for a short time. She strips off her top, black lacy underwear revealing her firm little tits, and yes, she has a few more bits too . The photographer’s snapping away, Nikki is rubbing herself, this is going to get hot and hard. Now she’s in her silky panties, she’s teasing the camera, it’s all too much, those hotshots are bringing out the bad boy in him, now he’s fully exposed. It’s time to suck and fuck, like a human tripod out pops his cock, he’s seriously excited and it’s no surprise they both want more. Nikki is getting sticky and she wraps her voluptuous glossy lips around his rock-hard throbbing cock, she’s licking his bell end and gently jerking him stiff as she skilfully grasps his prick shaft. She’s taking him deep into her mouth and it’s quite a mouthful. Wow, Nikki’s got a dick, she’s not all lady even though she looks almost every inch the real thing. She’s pulled her cock out of her panties, she’s excited to ride the photographer grinding on his dick. She furiously wanks her willy in excitement. She’s absolutely loving it and wants his erect cock up inside her. With the magic of VR, you can sense the joy in her face with the prospect of a pulsating prick in her tight butt hole. It’s time to flip over and get down to some anal excellence, she pushes his swollen manhood into her tight little asshole twitching and her brown star is swallowing it, will he orgasm in her chasm? This is one steamy photoshoot, he’s definitely zooming in. This is seriously erotic stuff, Nikki is almost all woman, that transsexual trickery can’t hide her generously large cock, she’s hard and horny, we bet you are too. This is one photo shoot where everyone’s going to shoot their load. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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