I Can Feel You Wanking

Starring: Siya Jey

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VirtualTaboo Published on Nov 26, 2023
When your wife asked if her longtime friend Siya Jey could stay with you following her divorce, you agreed. Helping her get back on her feet has been rewarding, but having an extra body in the house comes with some expected complications. While some things are to be expected, you didnt anticipate coming home early from to find Siya in your bedroom wearing one of your dress shirts. Shocked and embarrassed the covered up and tried to explain herself. Realizing that she was caught, Siya confessed to always having a crush on you and that living under the same roof and seeing how well you take care of your wife has only made those feelings stronger. Since she has respect for your marriage and doesnt want to break it up, wearing your shirt and masturbating in your bed makes her feel close to you. She is about to leave when she notices you staring at her ass with a visible bulge in your trousers. Perhaps you would like her continue what she was doing. Opening your shirt, she lets her big, full tits spill into view. Crawling into your bed she plays with her breasts and tells you all of the things she fantasizes about doing. As she rubs her pussy Siya begs you to take out your cock and stroke it. Watching only makes it hotter for both of you until you finally cum together, wondering now if you will be able to keep things from going even further next time.
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