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TSVirtualLovers Published on Nov 26, 2023
One word says a lot, long. Kimber is long all over, her long shapely legs, long glossy black hair, and frankly an impressively long cock. In Kimber’s own words, “she wants to make a show you’ll never forget”. Kimber starts off talking right at you, “you dirty boy, I wanna make sure you never forget me”, she says. Let’s see, her stunningly athletic body yells feminine elegance with the power to fuck and suck. In her satin black panties and bra finished off with shiny black high heels she looks stunning. She’s going to drive you wild, she's a stunner who loves it up the bum, a cock rocking sensation. Waiting now time, its’ a blowjob to start, she grasps the guy’s hard cock shaft firmly in hand and wraps her puckered lips around his swollen bell end, sucking and licking. Her tits have popped out, what a cracking set of boobs they are too, quite a handful. Kimber is getting hot, the guy is getting hard, she’s still in her black slinky panties and high heels. Working things up, VR brings you in close, it’s a double dick wank as both cock’s grind together, Kimber’s long fingers grasp the double cock fest, jerking for joy. Let’s go deep, up her bum and see if you cum, Kimber’s long legs are spread out wide, and the guy deep inside her tight asshole as she furiously wanks her “long” dick in rhythm to the bum-fun ride, they are clearly enjoying this. They flip position, she’s still got her high heels on as the guy pumps her asshole pounding her anus, her chocolate starfish loves it. Just look at her tranny cock and balls, see the guy's face as he grinds into her asshole. Our hard-working bum banger has earned a little reward for his efforts, laying back he gets himself another relaxing blowjob, Kimber licks it like a lollypop, but his sexual energy has surged back, she jumps on top of his cock and buttfucks him “almost” girls on top style, look at the flow of her long dark hair bouncing right up close with the magic of VR. But, guess what, all that bum fun and Kimber needs to cum, she flips over, her big tits bouncing away as the guy wanks off her long tranny dick like a pro, it’s been quite a show, that dicks going to blow a load in your face. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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