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Pornstars Lesson by Robert Rosenberg

Starring: Ariela Donovan

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RealityLovers Published on Nov 30, 2023
The king is back! Robert Rosenberg the former, globally and successful male porn actor is back in business. He is no longer an active performer, but passes on his unbelievable great experience to the young generation and that in virtual reality! In his first VR porn as an instructor for new porn starlets, Robert shows the very young Ariela Donovan what to do and what are the best tips and tricks to shine in a porn movie production. Furthermore he shows you as an virtual actor in the point-of-view (POV) position how you can fuck her. Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of this VR PORN school and learn from one of the best actors of all time! To become a virtual, always horny porn actor, you just have to login!
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