Only You And Me

Starring: Valentina Ricci

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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 1, 2023
Your new secretary Valentina Ricci is just not working out. You took a chance when you hired despite not having the proper experience because she looked so good in her short skirt. Her inability to do the job has overshadowed how nice she is to look at and you have scheduled a meeting to let her go in the morning. To your surprise she shows up unannounced at your home instead. Dressed in stockings, heels and skirt even shorter than usual, she tells you that she understands that her performance has been subpar, but that she really needs her job. As she talks, she legs her skirt slide up her thighs and when she notices you looking, Valentina tells you that she will do anything it takes to keep her job if you just give her one more chance. Your wife is due home any moment, but that doesnt stop you from staring as she turns around and bends over, lifting her skirt to show off her luscious round ass. Pulling out her tits, Valentina promises to take good care of you every day at the office. You know you should tell her to go before your wife gets home, but her panties come down and you get a look at her tight, wet pussy. She spreads her legs and shows you how much she wants to save her job. Just say yes and she will be your office fuck toy any time you want. Who can turn down an offer like that?
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