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Wish I Had A Sister Like You


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VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 2, 2023
Vika Lita and Emily Mayers are best friends. They do everything together. From school, to activities and even private yoga classes, the pair are inseparable. Their close relationship sometimes causes conflict, like it did when they both confessed to having a crush on their yoga instructor. It was not the first time these life-long friends have had to fight over the same man. They decided to tell him of their interest at the same time and let him decide which one he wanted to fuck. When he arrived for their session, he found the two beautiful brunettes dressed in even skimpier clothes than usual. They tell him of their feelings and want him to look them over side by side before he chooses. Their outfits show off their legs and asses, but have to come up for him to get a good look at their young, perky tits and tight shaved pussies. They are both very beautiful and he has a difficult time choosing. Being naked has both girls horny so they decide to start rubbing their pussies, getting off while he makes his decision. They cum quickly and come to a sudden realization. In all their years as friends the only thing they havent shared is a cock. Why should they make him choose when letting him fuck them both would be double the fun?
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