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The Bangover

Starring: Venera Maxim

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RealityLovers Published on Dec 3, 2023
What a night! Steve lifts his head off the table on his friend's barbecue area and finds that he still has so much alcohol in him that he could supply an entire pirate ship with it. "But what actually happened? I just wanted to have a small steak and go straight home ... shit, probably the combination with the vodka!" thinks Steve. Just as he is taking the last sip, he sees his Russian wife coming down the stairs. Now there is real trouble! Venera Maxim yells at him, pulls on his shirt and slaps him right in his face! Still completely dazed, he asks the only real question "How about recovery sex?" A special kind of VR porn, would you like to experience a virtual reality BangOver? Then put on your VR goggles and login!
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