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Her Friends Asshole


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 3, 2023
There are assholes and then are assholes, Kimber Lee is not an asshole but definitely seems rather expert in the butt fucking business. Kimber is a beautiful, tall elegant girl, long legs, an athletic body of fantastically toned perfection to provoke your erection. Tits, just look at the size and shape of those, they are absolutely massive and ideal for a vigorous tit wank. She’s got the glossiest dark hair and three brown eyes, two of them looking at you in VR. The other one is a chocolate brown star in her asshole. All dressed up, Kimber arrives in red lingerie, she really looks quite the hot lady. But, what’s that? Yes, Kimber’s got timber or at least she seems to have the biggest woody we’ve seen in a while. This top transvestite, although highly feminine has a massive dick and bollocks and she’s wants to do some dirty tricks with dicks. She meets a hot guy who’s up for some up the bum fun, starting on her massive tits he can’t wait to get his hands on Kimber, licking her nipples and rubbing her amazing breasts and body. Kimber is excited, her cock has swollen, the guy just loves the throbbing size of it and gets right down to a blowjob. He slips her big hard prick into his mouth and starts blowing her bell-end as the guy touchers her sensational body. Kimber’s loving it, her pouting lips show it as she swings her hips. Now it’s the guys turn, off come his pants and out comes his cock, it’s time to rock as Kimber gets down on it. She’s not just an expert, she’s a sex-pert. She’s talking to you through our VR rig and we can see those really big tits as she talks dirty and two pricks slide together, “it’s dick on dick”. Were in luck, it seems like it’s time for a butt fuck. The guy lays on his back and opens his ass crack wide, Kimber easing her massive dick into his tight little ass. The guy’s cock and balls flop on his pelvis, its ring ridding time. Kimber grinds his ass like a pro, shafting his anus in a horny buggering session. We know her cock is going to blow as its gripped tightly, sliding in and out, the end is not in doubt, in she goes, off it goes, Kimber’s popped her pork-cork right up his asshole. What a naughty couple they are. TS Lover take you there in VR.
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