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Inside the Clairvoyant


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 4, 2023
It looks like your VR kit can even see the future, let’s step into the clairvoyant’s elegant room, Ryder Monroe is putting on a show and we have a premonition of where the cock’s going to go. The smoke clears, we see the lavishly dressed dark-haired fortune teller up close. Her tremendous tits with juicy pink nipples seem rather excited, wasting no time the guy’s groping her boobs as they get acquainted. Ryder seems like a fine woman, we don’t know if she gets her hands on a crystal ball often, but she’s clearly got her long fingers on the guy’s balls and dick. Might we wonder what’s on the tarot cards? Aha, she starts to wank him off, squeezing his cock-end and stroking the shaft of his penis. With a big hard throbbing knob, she slips it in her gob for a horny blowjob wrapping those glossy lips around his erect excited dick. They change position and our guy whips down her black lacy panties. Whoops, that ain’t no lady, Ryder Monroe is a ravishingly hot tranny with her own cock and bollocks. Our guy seems most interested in her anal hole, pulling her ass cheeks apart he’s fascinated with the asshole starfish. Another premonition, it looks like Ryder is going to take it up the ass like a pro. We know where that cock’s going to go. Slipping his hard dick into her butthole a jolly good buggering is our future prediction. Ryder’s cock and bollocks flop around as anal pleasure makes a banging sound. Sitting on the cock we see that Ryder lives up to her name as she rides his dick. Flipping around we get a VR close view of her face, her eyes looking right at you as she’s fucked up the ass, looks like she’s enjoying it just as much as you. She flips again and bends over for a filthy fuck finale; the mystic swallows the guy’s manhood, now she’s being ass shagged from behind. Not only can this tranny see the future, but she can also do much more, Ryder’s a ridder of cocks. TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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