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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 7, 2023
Strutting into view is the elegantly powerful Venessa Jhons, she’s here for anal casting, wanting to give a butt a good blasting. Her long glossy big hair has a very feminine look, and her body clad in fishnet lingerie accentuates those long legs and curvy hips, we can see just how round and grabbable her ass is. With those bad babe boobs bursting out of her lingerie and the tell-tell tattoos we think she’s going to cast well in a ball emptying bonanza of bum fun. She meets our guy and kicks off the fun with some teasing talk, her tits bursting out as they get acquainted. Gliding up close in VR for a perfect view as she slides her hot tranny package over our guy’s rapidly expanding cock. She looks directly at us with her big brown eyes, we know she’s got another big brown eye, a chocolate one right in her anal jackpot slot and she aching to take cock right up her shit shaft. Venessa starts rubbing the guy’s swollen dick outside the jeans, massaging his dick shaft as his balls twitch with excitement. She pulls his pants down, strips off his jeans and out pops his throbbing bell-end. Venessa’s now naked having stripped off her fishnet kit, she’s got quite an impressive tranny cock and bollocks but she’s impressing us with her tits. Yes, it's tit-wank time as she grips his excited penis between her fleshy mounds and provokes orgasmic urges by riding his bell shaft between her busty boobs. Vanessa backs up and exposes her starfish as our guy stretches her rectum, both cocks flop about touching as they get on to anal casting, asshole blasting. Venessa has a bit of fun wanking the guy off as the go. Now she’s flipped position and his swollen cock enters her tight little asshole for an ass-fuck, she rides and grinds on his hard cock. Then she moves around face to face with our VR rig as she rides the boy for joy, her dick perfectly in view as it dances around as the asshole gets a good old pounding. That’s the Anal Casting, now it’s cum up the ass blasting. TS Lovers take you there in VR.
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