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My Biggest Wish

Starring: Alex Harper

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 9, 2023
You come home from work one day and find your roommates hot new girlfriend Alex Harper in a tight T-shirt and panties. Embarrassed and thinking that she was dressed that way for her boyfriend you apologize. But she stops you. He is out for the night and she was waiting for you. She has noticed you staring at her around the apartment, especially noticing her ass. Alex turns around and asks if you would like a closer look. You dont really want to fuck your roommates girl, but as soon as you get a look at Alexs ass, you know there is no resisting this redheaded hottie. She knows that you like what you see and bends over the table telling you how she has fantasized about you for months, even thinking about you while she is fucking her boyfriend. Now that he is gone, she wants to make those fantasies come true. Sensing that you want her as badly as she wants you, Alex strips down and spreads her legs. Her pussy looks as wet and inviting as you could have ever dreamed. She spreads her lips open and throws her legs up in the air. Her fingers rub her moist lips and swollen clit. Her moans fill the room as she begs to give her the cock she craves.No need to worry about your roommate, you have all night to fuck his sexy girlfriend and she cant wait any longer.
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