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Stay Home With Anna Polina

Starring: Anna Polina

virtualtaboo VR Porn Profile
VirtualTaboo Published on Dec 12, 2023
You have been dating your new girlfriend for a few months. Ever since you met her in college you have been dying to get her alone for some intimate time together. She lives her strict parents so you have been unsuccessful so far. Finally, the day comes. Her parents are away for a weekend and you go to her house with high hopes. You arrive at the appointed time and let yourself. However, your girlfriend is not at home, but instead, you find her mother, Anna Polina staring down at you from the stairway. She knows all about the plan and is not happy that her daughter was going to sneak behind her back to hook up with you. Dressed in a revealing bra and panty set, Anna comes downstairs and explains that her daughter is busy with schoolwork and should not be distracted. However, she understands that you have desires and is not without sympathy. In fact, she has an offer for you. If you promise to stop seeing her daughter, Anna will take care of your sexual needs. Shes more experienced than her daughter and can offer you anything you could possibly desire, in any hole you could possibly want. She turns to show you her shapely ass to emphasize that any desire you have is available. You dont want to cheat or stop seeing your girlfriend, but her mother is so hot and slowly gets naked in front of you. Her body is tight and trim, her pussy is tight and wet and she knows that you arent going to turn her down.
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