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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 16, 2023
It’s time to play with Jordan Jay, she’s a British brunette you won’t forget, she’s originally from the city of Nottingham, just like Robin Hood. As Robin Hood robbed the rich to feed the poor, we suspect Jordan Jay will simply rob you of your innocents. We meet her covering reception at a massage parlour where she meets a guy keen to book some fun time for his girlfriend and himself. They take a look around and it looks like he’s hit it off with Jordan. Our guess returns later, not with his girlfriend but with a bunch of flowers, what a surprise, and just wait until you see what Jordan Jay has between those thighs. They move into the VIP room, and our chap starts to unwrap Jordan, WTF, just look at his face, yes, it's a great big cock and bollocks, Jordan is an impressive tranny and she ain’t got no fanny. They start kissing and our guy has his hand softly on Jordan's floppy cock, he loves the feel of her impressive tits and her nipples clearly appreciate the attention. In no time at all our man has his penis out and Jordan is working some tranny magic. The guy's dick is a big one. It's hard and horny and in need of very good stroking to expand its impressive length. Jordan slips the end of his prick into her mouth and expertly sucks off our guy stroking his swollen knob shaft at the same time. He slips in between her tits for a bit of a tit wank taking advantage of the hard-on-soft sensations. They lay on the white sheet of the bed where they play with each other in a sensual way, they are really into each other. And what’s more, Jordan wants the guy “in her”, right up her chocolate starfish for a dam good ass fucking up the bum. These two really know what they are doing and our VR rig can confirm that the guy is really big. They wank, they ass fuck, doing all of it. Changing position, Jordan takes the dick from behind and wanks off her own cock as they go, will she blow? Given that they both have big hard cocks, we bet they have pushed the rusty sheriff's badge of the annus as hard as they dare and they loved every minute of it. So, have you been jerking off to Jordan? TS Virtual Lovers take you there in VR.
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