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British solo 3


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TSVirtualLovers Published on Dec 18, 2023
Hello boys, that’s the no-nonsense introduction from our top-heavy tranny Redvex, tits out and what a big bouncy couple of boobs they are too. Such a husky British voice, such a naughty tone of intention. Our model Redvex is clad in a very kinky black leather outfit, long shiny boots and wrist binders, she’s clearly ready to play. We bet you are too. Whoops, out flops her floppy cock and we can see that’s quite a penis she has there, looks ready to grow, are you ready for her show? Isn’t that dick and ball sack just so smooth and ready for lubrication? She likes the touch of a big black shiny dildo, and we know where that is going to go, and she can deep throat that dildo deep inside, her juicy dribble oozing all over the phallic symbol of that latex cock. What’s really needed is some latex sex up the bum, she lays back and opens her ass crack revealing the joy-hole dildo goal. The tight little chocolate starfish wants a good shagging sending those annus sensations wild as it glides in and out of the asshole. And why not amplify the butt fuck with a crafty wank, working those bullocks and rubbing her tranny cock into a stiff swollen erection, it’s time to go hard with another solo dildo. This time it's a cheeky pinkish purple one right up the bum and this one is a real ass shaggers favourite by the looks of it. This one is pumping away right up her ass and by the looks of it its hard work, this is the challenge of solo sex, and could even result in a bit of what we call “wankers’ elbow”, a medical condition triggered by the joy and demands of wanking oneself far too much. Are you doing that now? looking at her nipples, just see the look on her face as she beats her cock for joy in the pursuit of blowing the load and jerking off into a sticky jerking seaman mess? Well, that’s the advantage of VR, so close it's almost not solo. TS Lovers take you there in VR.
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